Legality of working with ESL Proofreading Pros


.05 per word for general editing and corrections (recommended for quick grammar brush-up)

.08 per word for above plus implementation of sentence restructuring and correction of subject-verb agreement (recommended for ESL writers)

Last minute services (including late night) will be subject to a priority surcharge completed at the discretion of the editor if there is enough time and information to edit and compose your paper to the standards of ESL Proofreading Pros.

A $20 minimum charge applies for all billable proofreading services.

It is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED to purchase the basic service if your article, composition, or essay contains many errors pertaining to subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, and other obvious miscues that need corrections not covered by the quick review service.

Terms (the legal stuff)

Requests that appear to harass, threaten, or defame other parties will not be accepted.  ESL Proofreading Pros is not responsible for discretionary evaluations of third parties of the finished product such as a grade, employment review, or any other situation that merit is based on the subjective opinion of the targeted audience.

Sorry, scholastic essays will not be created from scratch.