To All Valued Clients

The following is a candid message from the owner about the service provided.  If you only read one page on the site, make it this one.

So, why should you choose ESL Proofreading Pros?

While the name indicates a staff of quality editors, this is primarily a solo operation.  Reinforcements are called in to handle extra workload.  The autonomy allows for a lot of liberal discretion to tailor your written work into a piece that will impress.

Think of the owner as that reliable friend or family member who always comes through when you need a favor.  This is a one-on-one business relationship; no third-party company to pressure me into streamlining and cut corners.  I enjoy enormously high retention for a reason.  I care about your results, your grade, your career, your admission into the college of choice.  This is accomplished by being very attentive to the details of a client’s specific situation.  If you bring your paper to me, in most cases you should expect to answer follow-up questions during the editing and proofreading process to ensure facts and a clear target message to the reader.

Composing appropriate sentence flow is as inherent in my DNA as the need to eat.

The Extra Mile We Go

If you are reading this and it is 11pm – 1am Eastern US (click here for current time in New York City), no need to wait until business hours.  Contact me now, send the correspondence, and sample a portion FREE.  That is the type of service I offer.  Is your picky boss going to be in at 8am and expects to have a well written report in his/her inbox waiting?  Let’s see what we can do.

Relatively short articles are possible to do a fast turnaround with, whether it be employment related correspondence or college papers.

I do accommodate last minute requests, but unfortunately I don’t have any more than the 24 hours in a day everyone else does.  Please come to me as soon as possible to have your work checked and upgraded if you are thinking about utilizing the service.  A more relaxed deadline will save you money, ensure completion , and result in a better-quality end product.  Think of the peace of mind it will give you during a stressful period knowing your important work is in good hands.

More Ways to Talk Directly

As of April 2020, we have furthered our community outreach with a Facebook page that allows participants to garner ESL tips, make new like-minded friends, and ask questions to a live native English speaker.

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