The basics to sophisticated spreadsheet building

Microsoft Excel training in New York City is another service of ESL Proofreading Pros. We provide low cost classes and professional coaching with lessons that are proven successful to prepare individuals for sophisticated spreadsheet tasks in the corporate world.


Our comprehensive lessons give clients the tools to efficiently build reports.  The instructor will provide tips on navigating reports with keyboard shortcuts and populating cells using other application tools.   

Various Excel formulae are among the most requested lessons our firm offers.  Contingency syntax such as IF and SUMIF are powerful tools that help users analyze important data in different scenarios.  

Lookup reference such as the VLOOKUP formula will extract corresponding data related to a specific item.  For example, suppose a user had a table consisting of 200 rows of soft drinks.  The adjacent columns were populated with price, amount of sales, and product name.  A VLOOKUP formula could instantly return the price of soft drink number 76.  With a couple of simple adjustments using cell references, your spreadsheet would have the ability to return price, sales amount, and product by inputting 76, 102, or 161, etc.  In short, VLOOKUP is a valuable tool!

We also offer training with pivot tables which are very fun to work with.  After learning the features of a pivot table, users start to feel like they believe in magic again!  Pivot tables are that powerful.   

If you are going to be, or already in the New York City area, make sure to take advantage of the Microsoft Excel training options.  Sign-up today for quality spreadsheet training as spots are limited!

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ALT + H + B + A

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 1. Header Row                                            2. Converts font to uppercase              3. Converts font to lowercase                4. Trim:  Eliminates spaces preceding text

5. Extracts characters from left

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