International Student Challenges

Harness the Power of Online Communities

We all know the events of the past few weeks, remember the general consensus that shelter-in-place restrictions would be short-term, and have observed the population’s growing frustration at the uncertainty of our return to full freedom.

It seems that news stories filled with record high unemployment claims, permanently closed businesses, and the looming threat of a second infection wave are featured on a daily basis.  In the NYC metropolitan region, residents were pleased to hear that some beaches will be open to the public, but distancing requirements will make the experience feel sub-par compared to summer’s past.

The result is that online communities have much less competition with physical entertainment that society once took for granted. The lack of dine-in restaurants, concerts, and sporting events will keep a higher than normal percentage of residents indoors and navigating their phones despite the warm weather in 2020.

Before the pandemic, online group communities were the growing trend as better control measures can be employed when responsibility is delegated to administrators. The problem for many cyberspace surfers is finding an active group with a moderator who keeps the conversation on topic.

Spam and individuals who believe any platform is a dating forum are far too common.

The current Great Depression era unemployment numbers are resulting in millions flooding to online resources. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web can be an abyss of confusion and false promises leaving many surfers vulnerable and frustrated as their job seeking counterparts in the 1930’s who uprooted their livelihood, many finding only more disappointment.

Here is a quick poll for readers. If an ad was placed on a job board that stated only two words: “help wanted’, how many resumes would be forecast in response?

This is 2020 and technology is on our side folks! We are not forced to walk a lonely road in search of compensatory tasks. A massive amount of motivated, responsible professionals has entered the job market simultaneously. Our combined resources make us strong!

An online community, moderated by a caring human is a desperately needed resource for this task. That is why I would like to encourage participation in my Facebook event. While the main topics are ESL and Excel, we like to see a myriad of conversation. The link can be found below or by accessing the events in Tri-State Professional Network.

Research carefully and diversify your participation in online communities. Be aware that the best leads may come from a group outside of your specific niche. Post often, enriching content can be just as effective as sending hundreds of resumes.  Remember, your well composed input has the potential to build a rapport with hundreds of future colleagues from the comfort of home in your pajamas.  It is impossible to make that type of impression on that many interviewers with just a few sentences. Furthermore, how many resumes would need to be sent just to set an appointment for multiple interviews?

My goal is to create a free community where members contribute valuable info and be enriched. Conversations on different topics are introduced, participation and questions are highly encouraged.

In conclusion, it would be nice to have your responsible input in my online communities. Diversification, as stated earlier, is highly encouraged! We are serious people strong in the process of overcoming a setback. Get surfing, explore the other existing groups, do your homework, and know the whole face of job seeking has changed since March. Doing so will place yourself in the best possible position to land a new career opportunity.

Let me know your thoughts on this article by visiting the Facebook group, TRI-STATE ENGLISH DISCUSSION.

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International Student Challenges

Obstacles For International Students:

  • Proper English is mandatory
  • Secondary language proficiency exams given by universities often fall short of professor expectations for their writing assignments
  • Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian speakers are used to conveying messages with short, direct logo-grams, but English is a more complex array of nouns and verbs
  • Hans and other Asian language characters can often only be loosely translated into English
  • Arabic, Hebrew and others are written from right to left
  • Arabic speakers often face the same challenges as Asian rooted tongues attempting translation
  • International students are adjusting to the routines of a new culture while pursuing academic endeavors